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3 Eye Makeup Techniques From Make-up Artist New York

The right eye makeup can lift your appearance. Charlotte Willer, make-up artist from Maybelline New York, share tips about eye makeup.

1. In order not to clot Mascara
Make a zig zag motion while applying mascara. This movement can separate each strand of eyelash and prevent clots. Lashes will appear thicker than normal.

2. Dramatic impression on the eye
Use liquid eyeliner on the top. As for the eye on the bottom line, you should use a eyeliner pencil. In order for the eye on the bottom line does not look too “hard”, Dab eyeliner use a cotton bud.

3. Application of eye shadow
Wearing eye shadow will affect the overall performance. The eyes will look smaller if you use dark colors and if you want the eyes appear larger, use eye shadow in white or silver. If you are not yet reliable in use eye shadow, find a neutral color that can be used around the eye.

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