Almond, Beautiful Women’s Skin Secret Egypt

Almond oil is often used as the main ingredient in cosmetics in Egypt. This is because the oil from these nuts nutritious for the skin.

As quoted from Ayushveda, one benefit is to reduce puffy eyes and swollen feet while preventing fatigue. The trick is easy, simply apply almond oil on the swelling as he was given a massage.

Not only used for body massage, almond oil can also be applied to the hair. For maximum results, warm almond oil, then rub in hair. This treatment makes the hair more shiny and healthy.

One more benefit of almonds that is as anti-wrinkle prevention. The Egyptian women use almonds to keep skin stay young. The secret is to mix a teaspoon of almond oil, then two drops of Rose Attar or in Indonesia often called frankincense oil (can be purchased at the beauty shop or a perfume shop.)

Then scrap  face with this mixture while given a gentle massage all over face for five minutes. Leave overnight, for the efficacy of these mixtures are absorbed through the pores. In the morning, rinse your face with warm water.

Almond oil can be found in supermarkets or you can also find it in stores that sell snacks that originated from Arabia and Egypt.

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