Bob hair according to your face shaped

Bob is a hair style which is now popular again among the women. But they sometimes do not pay attention to shape her face so that does not comply with a bouffant hair style they wear. Bob is the famous victoria beckham bob hairstyles, but not the same person’s face. Well for that we give these tips so that your bob hairstyle in accordance with your face shape.

 Bob hair according to your face shapedLong Face Shape
For this face suit shape with chin-length bob hair with the bottom layer and the front was given the rest of the bangs. To avoid the impression of your face you can avoid long-wearing straight bob style because it gives the impression of added length to your face. You can use the c-curl your cheek.

Heart face shape.
Characteristic of this face is pointy and firm texture jaw. Bob haircut is cut straight matches without an accent layer. Avoid level besides hair is too thick or Wavy waves because it will eliminate the dramatic effect of the cheekbone.

Oval Face Shape

This face shape is balanced and proportioned so that you can use a variety of styles above. Bob style very satisfying indeed this face shape. But avoid heavy bangs that with intensity.

Face shape box.
form a rigid jaw must disappeared with bob hair style with an accent that dynamic layer textured.

Round face.
This form each makes cheeks look chubby and bigger. Bob style appropriate is to make a bob or bob long pony pony side that makes your face look elongated.

Now you can choose what bob hairstyles suit with your faces.

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