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Choose Wisely To Face Cleanser with No Damage

Cleanser is a flagship product for cleaning the face from dust and dirt. However, if you choose a cleanser carelessly, then the cleanser could be a boomerang.

Dermatologist said that selecting a good cleanser is to find the most gentle products for the face. In addition, the use of cleanser should also be noted, as quoted by WebMD.

“Although it is tempting to clean your face several times a day (or more for oily skin), this does not only make the face of excessive cleaning, if you use harsh products, especially soaps, you will damage the skin,” said Charles E. Crutchfield III, MD, a dermatologist.

By cleaning the face too often then you will damage the natural lipid barrier, a protective coat of oil that makes skin look and feel healthy. Therefore, avoid using cleanser more than twice a day.

“Once the shield is gone and the integrity of the skin barrier is disturbed, the skin will become dry, and make the skin becomes cracked, itchy, burning, odor, or a combination (of all),” added Crutchfield.

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