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Dramatic Makeup Combine Wedding Hairstyles Theme

before1 Dramatic Makeup Combine Wedding Hairstyles Theme front dramatic hairstyles 199x300 Dramatic Makeup Combine Wedding Hairstyles Theme Today we talk about hairstyles for wedding with smooth lines and we make to approach like lot of drama. This can make happen if you have straight hair. This will be make easy to along the process. How about if you have curly or wavy hair. Do not worry you ca go to your stylist and ask to blow out and use hair straighten with ceramic hairstyling iron orĀ  flat iron before you beginning the styling.

back dramatic hairstyles 257x300 Dramatic Makeup Combine Wedding Hairstyles Theme Look The Weather.
You have to see and look what the wedding was happen on wedding day. Because drama is look good for Hot weather and not suit with weather too humid. Because will imperfect your updos hairstyles. So you have to see or watch what the weather was happening in that day.

Your Hair Must Long Enough
You have to long enough your hair for this purpose. I mean hair should several inches below to achieve full bun. if you do not long enough you can do fall hair extension with simply to make updos and to create bun.

Lets Start To Begin Model Look
Pull the hair back into high ponytail. And after that you can roll the hair under and do pin it below. Please leave small selection for ponytail for use to wrap along the bottom of bun. It use for to hide hairpins and look like for smooth to finishing touch.

What accessories can add for this themes?
You can add the pearl color long earrings, small crown tiara comb. Placed tiara comb for crown. It will be perfect if your tiara comb give eye cristal.

Make Up
Actually its simple you just take dramatic eye liner (black is preffered), lashes and lipstick (recommended hot red) which suit with you.

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