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Face Care in Summer

 Face Care in SummerDo you have a problem with your mascara, then mascara that matches what I wear? Choose a mascara that is waterproof mascara because it gives moisture and heat resistant. You can choose Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara. That will last a long time until you do the make-up remover.

Do not use circle concealer can leave fine lines around the eyes because of sweat and excess oil. You could use a mineral based foundation powder sheers as Neutrogena Mineral Loose Powder Foundation, which can absorb the oils and the skin looks fresh. What if I have used it? yes if you have used it and saw the look uneven so sprinkle a little talcum powder to reduce the horizontal lines around your eyes.

Powder blush is not giving dewy glow in summer then you can cope with the creamy texture of makeup. We suggest you use a lip balm like Korres Lip Butter in Plum. So you still get the appropriate color, thin and natural.

What about the antiaging cream that contains glycolic acid at night and in daylight to burn my skin. Alpha-hydroxy acids or retinoids on your skin slough. So that your skin becomes sensitive. For that you can reduce the AHA or retinoid product front in the evening and day wear sunscreen SPF of 30.


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