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How to Apply Lipstick

red lipstick 1 thumb2173625 How to Apply LipstickColor of the lipstick should be chosen carefully and it should harmonise with your eyes makeup, dress and skin color. Lipsticks come in various forms including traditional tubes, pots, pencils lip color, and even wands with innovative new ideas emerging daily. Latest fashion trends also play an important part in influencing a woman’s choice of lipstick.Steps on How to Apply Lipstick Neatly

1. First apply a good base such as foundation or powder on your lips to remove any previous color.

2. When applying a lip-color, it is important to follow the lip line and you should not go outside your actual lip.

3. Use of lip brush is an important factor in applying lipstick as it gives you a more professional look. First apply a lip colour and then swipe the lip-brush over your chosen lip color and apply on lips neatly.

Some Useful Tips to Remember:

Do you want a certain lip shade that you don’t have? If you have a few lip colors already, you may be surprised to find what kinds of great new colors you can get by mixing certain current colors.

Application of a lighter shade of lipstick is recommended for a fuller lips appearance and use darker colors if you want to make your lips look thinner.

If you wear braces, then apply a lip gloss instead of a lipstick so that it doesn’t create too much attention to your face.

When it comes to removing lipstick, using a cold cream or moisturiser is best. This will help to soften your lips.


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