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How To Be Beautiful In a Short Time

make up How To Be Beautiful In a Short TimeIn a perfect world, we all have enough time to dress and beautify ourselves. But unfortunately life is not like that. Sometimes we are faced with an event that needs to attend in the near future, whereas we do not have enough time to prepare themselves in order to perform properly, much less spectacular.

If you still want to come up with your best performance, do not worry, you can, really. Just follow our program to beautify themselves which can be done within 48 hours. Within 48 hours, you can do a complete make over because there is more than enough to prepare properly for a special occasion. If you have this much time, good use whole second to pamper yourself.

If your hair look damaged, it’s time to restore your hair rejuvenation. Menutrisi mask use, particularly those containing vitamin E and pro vitamin B5 to hair appears soft, smooth, shiny, and easy to set up with the style you choose. For best results with hair mask after mask is applied to each strand of hair, wrap your hair with a damp towel so that the active ingredients in the mask could get into your hair roots. Our advice, leave overnight, then wash the hair the next morning.

Time for removing the pile of dead skin that makes your face and neck dull. Way, use a gentle facial scrub that can be peeled off dead cells. Apply the scrub to damp skin (already soaked). Perform massage-massage in a gentle circular motion on the face and neck and avoiding the eye area. Next, clean and dry. If you want to maximize results, use a face mask afterwards. The result, children face skin look shiny.

Nails are well cared for and in the paint with the right colors can give the impression that you are a sophisticated people. If you are confused to what color to paint your nails, red is always the best choice, because the red nail polish always look fashionable and suitable for large events. For maximum performance, use red color slightly different on your lipstick.

Mascara, black or gray is ideal for all kinds of performances, especially to attend an important event. Use mascara can make lashes look longer and thicker for best results. If you do not have and intend to buy, look for it on the counter, makeup counters at department stores or beauty product stores your subscription.

Before applying mascara, make sure your eyelashes are clean from all kinds of dirt and remnants of makeup. If not, the mascara will stick perfectly, and instead look smeared and disheveled. From the beginning before the mascara is applied, make sure you have separate strand for strand eyelashes carefully, it is useful to make the lashes look longer and slender. For best performance, provide a minimum of three layers of mascara.

This time we chose a bright red lipstick for you, or what is now often referred to as red geisha. This kind of lipstick can make lips darkest color looks bright and attractive. But be careful, do not you wear it until covered. To make your lips coated well, garisi lips with a lipliner the same color or a little younger, and wear your red lipstick.


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