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How To Make Up For The Party

make up 1 300x190 How To Make Up For The PartyThe name of a certain party, so it is not wrong if we want to be different from the makeup look everyday. But the special does not mean a full show off. Because sometimes we put too much powder or foundation, consequently face even looks like mask  the party lights are very bright. You can to use make-up base after  apply the moisturizer.

After that use a solid foundation, more solid form than the foundation recommended to avoid fade liquid make-up when you sweat. If you do not even wipe the sweat your face with his hands. Use paper  face to absorb oil on your face

In my eyes, to make it look different scott use to look more lively eyes and big. And make part  eye shadow with colors like silver / gold, beige or light blue (depending on needs) part  Dab the tip of the eye near the nose to give the impression highlights. Do not forget to use concleaner if you have eye bags. The use eyebrow pencil is just as important, if you wear brown eyebrow pencil brow lines  at the end of the eye with a gray color. And most obliged affixed to your eyes is mascara. Select a mascara with a thick brush when you make up party. False eyebrows can also be used as needed.

On the lips, choose a glossy lipstick to her lips look fresh, for if you use the alternative types of mate lipstick, lip gloss give  little to give a glossy nuance.

On the nose, if you want a smaller nose or a sharp look perfect, use blush on sepia or color Fondation with level 2 or 3 older than the original color of your skin on the nose, and give a lighter color on top of the nose, the impression of a sharp nose and sharp will appear.

And add the blush on gently as possible at the edge of the face or cheek. wearing a blush on the techniques you can see here


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