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How Trend She Bangs

she 200x300 How Trend She BangsHairstyles  this one was a lot of advantages. Certainly will disguise the shape of your forehead width. Your face will look fresher if fringe is formed in accordance with carved face.

Basically, one’s face can be divided into 7, which is an oval, round, oval (longer than the oval), square, triangle (wide forehead or chin otherwise wide), diamonds and a pear (chubby cheeks).

Bangs almost compatible with all forms need to be considered face.  proper cutting techniques to the lack of face to minimize.

- Her oval face
Almost all kinds of fringe pieces fit oval face shape. Could pony like  Dora The Explorer or pony to a sexy layer. Halve the side or pony fell close to the eyebrows is also suitable for you.

- Round face
For a round face, avoid stiff and bangs cut short. Create a layer of your bangs, then cut to the right or left side. Textured bangs out of the tub towards guttering can make the face look more narrow.

- Oval face
Pony up close to the form of lashes, and add volume to roll towards the inside. Use rollers and hair spray to pony is more durable, especially if the type of hair is very soft.

- Face-square
Do not ever cut your bangs short if you are looking square. Point your bangs on one part, and then tuck behind her ear. Cover with hair protruding jaw that can be masked.

- Face triangle
If you have an inverted triangle face, fringe culture fell on your forehead without having to cut into the side.  if you have a triangular face, the right fringe technique similar to square faces.

- The face of diamonds
Give the volume on the pony and let the bangs fall eyebrows limited to cover narrow forehead.

- Face pears
Use the same technique with bangs round face.

So, waiting for? Change the look of your bangs right now, and be fabulous with u’r bangs!


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