Latest Hair Style Inspiration Scarlett Johansson

No more long curly hair of sexy actress Scarlett Johansson. He has been pruned so that the appearance is much different.

A bob haircut is becoming a trend this winter. Mango brand model, Scarlett Johansson, did not seem to want to miss a trend. He also cut his hair short, as reported daily mail.

There is something unique in her hair behind it. Last month, Mango’s just using her services as a model of his latest collection. But some time ago she appeared with a new haircut.

Do not stop there, she showcased her new look at the El Boton Mango Fashion Awards in Barcelona, Spain. At that time he was appointed as Honorary Button person who gives to the designer Jean Paul Gaultier. Because of his new appearance, be Scarlett Johansson who attracted media attention than Jean Paul Gaultier who was awarded the honor.

Before Scarlett Johansson, there is another actress who also cut her hair with a bob. Keira Knightley is attending with her new appearance in a Chanel fashion show Spring / Summer 2011.

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