moisturize dry skin with Sugar Scrub

for you are the owner of dry skin, scrub sugar can moisten and refresh the skin. Here are steps to make their own sugar scrub.

First of all, prepare the materials needed to make a sugar scrub. Materials needed are not difficult, you can get it directly from your own home kitchen. Prepare one cup of sugar, a quarter of almond oil or vegetable oil and half a teaspoon of vitamin E oil, as quoted from savvymiss.

After preparing raw danger of, it’s time to mix the sugar scrub. Combine all the ingredients are there, then transfer the mixture in glass jars that can be closed tightly.

Now is the time to apply sugar scrub on the body. Take one to two tablespoons of sugar scrub, then apply throughout the body. Massage body scrub for five minutes so the skin becomes moist and exfoliate dead skin. Rinse your body with water and wash as usual.

Store the rest of the sugar scrub in a cool and dry. Stir the sugar mixture scrub before use the next day. A mixture of sugar scrubs can be used for four to five treatments


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