Hair Disease

Other hair problems and overcome them

We was discussed about hair problem before like hair loss, brittle hair and gray hair. Now we discuss another hair disease which often we find in daily:
Stiff hair
To overcome stiff and unruly hair should use conditioner after shampooing. Can also use other ways of hairstyles or cuts with the thinning hair texture So it does not look stiff.

Woolly hair
Reduce frizz so your appearance. The best thing that is to use a comb-toothed comb and rarely done slowly so as not cause hair loss. Then given a hair conditioner for sleek and lost the tangle.

Giving nutrition is the best thing to keep hair stay healthy. Nutrition can be provided from within the body and on the hair. Cleanliness is also important for hair health. Can be done with shampooing or tidy. 2 things above are the main requirements to maintain the health of your hair.


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