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Solving Greasy Scalp and Frizzy Hair

 Solving Greasy Scalp and Frizzy HairIt’s very annoying and the conditions under which an extreme case happened to your hair. But do not worry we provide the right tips to overcome them.

Greasy  scalp.
Put kinds of talc powder and sprinkle on your scalp in small increments to your palm hair and give to your hair. Talcum powder will absorb excess oil and leaves your scalp under normal conditions. Clap the remaining powder to your hair does not look white powder.

Frizzy  hair
No model and hairdo will be suit about your hair experience with super-dry hair condition. If you intend to set it with a beautiful, use a mixture of honey and warm water instead of hairspray

Well is not easy to cope with hair and scalp conditions are not conducive. Hopefully the above tips useful for you.


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