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Solving serious problem in face skin Before Your Wedding Days

For you if you have serious problem in face skin. Here are have you to do for make up your face before your wedding days come:

  •   Visit your specialist doctor in dermatologist, for that to solving problem about your serious face skin problem. That suppose in your wedding day you got optimum result for your face.
  • If you want to do skin face treatment using high technology like laser resurfaching, microdermabrasion, chemical peeling and Etc. Doing that treatment in 6 month before your wedding days. In another that can reduce red skins risk in your wedding day.
  •   Doing Facial massage treatment in 2-3 weeks daily. That can help clean your face with detail and perfect. This treatment also help points of reflection that important help distribute blood in your skin face also make your body more relax. You can using olive oil with mixed another essential oil that suit with your face as aroma therapy.

So that have to get attention for you to make your face become perfect in your wedding day. What product can suit for that beside you to to doctor? You can using Advanced Night Repair (ANR) from Estee Lauder.  You can consult to your doctor if you more make it ensure.

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