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Things That Cause Hair Damage

crazy hair 4 242x300 Things That Cause Hair DamageSo  looks pretty, she’ll do anything. From blow dry hair every morning, vise once every two days. To join the trend, often dyed hair. Sure, you look beautiful and different. But, you know, it only helps the hair look beautiful for a while right?

Be careful, if not treated, these things will only make hair damaged in the future. Here are the mistakes that we commonly do in the hair and destroying it.

1. Bleaching – Bleaching chemicals forced to enter into the cuticle and removing the natural pigment of hair. By doing this, you change the hair structure, making it more easily damaged. Once you bleach your hair, you change the power of the hair shaft, so the hair shaft so weak. Especially when coupled with blow dry and styling after bleaching. Only a matter of time until your hair cracked, worn, and broken at the end.

2. Perming Perming, could mean the alignment, also can mean curling using chemicals. How it works by damaging the bonds in the hair and re-form in different ways. Perming is also damaging the hair. After the treatment, you may get the hair you want. But after all this time, you’ll get hair rough and dry.

3. Highlights and coloring – Highlights and substance semi-permanent dyes will not damage the bad after bleaching. However, this treatment would also damage the hair structure, making it look dry and lifeless, especially if you often colored or gray hair roots.

4. Vise and blow dry – heat that came out of the equipment by temporarily changing the hydrogen bonding that makes the hair look shiny and healthy. Too often do those two things it will bring permanent damaged hair. Avoid doing both of these things every day.

5. Tie the hair and braid – braided ponytail and the horse will force damaged hair, especially if tied very tightly. If you tie your hair or braiding hair every day, no wonder if there is damage in the future. Keep in mind also, the hair in a state of vulnerable and fragile when in wet conditions. Avoid tying or braiding hair still wet.

6. Too much brush – not only cheap and coarse comb to blame. Too often could deliver hair comb your hair at the tip broke and broken. This is caused because of the consistent friction on the hair.

7. Too much shampoo – aim to wash is to clean the scalp and remove the remaining piles of dirt or shampoo in the hair and scalp. However, too much shampooing can remove hair natural moisture actually needed to make hair look healthy, the results, it makes hair dry. The more you wash your hair soft, the less damage you do to the hair cuticle. Find the best frequency for washing hair. Whether it every other day, or several times a week.

8. Hair Extension and patching – How to work extension and hair-like needles damages arising binding and braiding hair. Over time, these two actions will damage the hair shaft where they were installed. The difference from the hair and braid belt, extension will damage the hair shaft close to the roots of the hair, making it difficult to cut. If there is itching or discomfort in the scalp, this indicates that the bond hair extensions were too tight, so pull the hair roots. Worse, there is a condition that causes hair loss due to hair pulled too tight in a long time. So, ask open braids or natural hair panjangkan.

Whether it’s heat, chemicals, dyes, substances stylist, all will help to damage the hair. The main rules are, the less you do the hair, the better. The good news, products today are far better than products that have hair 20 years ago. Moreover, coupled with technology and research that helps the products on the market styling hair healthier


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