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Trichorrhexis Nodosa Hair Disease

Trichorrhexis nodosa 150x150 Trichorrhexis Nodosa Hair DiseaseTrichorrhexis nodosa is like defect in hair shaft area that make hair brake easily. This can see with thick and weak  point (nodes) in this area. this can happened because have a genetic basis, environmental factors. Caucasians  often happened  this problem and sigh with splitting in the ends of hair with parallel happen  discolorisation happen. what environmental was effected? like perming. blow drying,iron curling, using hair product aggressive hair brushing, and excessive chemical product exposure.

Another commonly caused is underlying conditions such as hypothyroidism, Netherton’s syndrome, and Menkes syndrome, argininosuccinic lyase deficiency or trichothiodystrophy. And another symptoms like patchy hair, a discoloration at the tip, breakages close to scalp, and an apparent lack of re-growth, hair thinned or split, whitish discoloration of hair tips. Any others it can continued  causes of from hair shaft abnormalities. Trichorrhexis Nodosa usually happen after extensive and excessive trauma is placed on the hair, which causes node like swellings to form on the shaft.

The treatment can do for this problems Improving environmental factors  this is first. It will reduce damage about hair. Using soft brush, avoid chemical straightening and permanent, not iron your hair and don’t using conditioner with excessively.


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