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Why Itching After Shaving Hair Miss V?

Not a few women who feel itchy after shaving or waxing their pubic hair. Why did that happen?

According to dr. V Mstk, consultants sex, hair, Miss V was created is not without function. In addition to functioning as a sign of maturity of the sexual organs, hair, Miss V also serves as a protective area Miss V is very sensitive from infection and irritation, reducing the friction directly to the skin during sexual intercourse, as well as a gathering place pheromone hormone that can provoke libido couples .

There are some people who always shave Miss V by reason of habit, a more attractive appearance, taste that is uncomfortable with the hair, to facilitate oral sex or for reasons of appearance (not to be seen when using a bathing suit). But actually shaved Miss V is not without risk, it can make the outer skin of Miss V is more sensitive and more easily irritated because of friction with underwear.

Irritation can cause redness and itching in the area miss V. Besides shaving the wrong direction (from the bottom up) causes the hair will grow in the wrong direction and cause small reddish papule papule -like pimples that also cause itching.

Therefore, despite the dense hair V miss advised not to shave. Pubic hairs that are too thick can withstand sweat around Miss V so that it can trigger the breeding grounds for fungi. But if you get annoyed with bushy pubic hair, do not shave it until they run out, just trim it so as not to disturb the appearance when wearing a bathing suit.

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